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  1. Ok, so I have 2 devices. Device 1, Host, MacOSX Serria: Linking via cable, using 2.0.0 (beta2) Device 2, Connector, Running Same Network, Windows 10, Application can go past firewall: Linking via cable, 2.0.0b2 Device 1: Pause when inactive: OFF, Using BIOS: Yes Device 2: Same as above Device 1: Options > Link > StartNetworkLink > Server > 2 Player > Start! (Works Fine) Device 2: O > L > SNL > Client > Entered IP > Connect Device 1: Waiting window closes as if someone has connected. Device 2: "Error Occured. Please try again" (Start Network Link Stays Open) Basically anything I try will result in this error. No error code. Just "Error" The only way that I can get a link established is 1 device multiplayer Does this version of the application actually disable MacOSX hosts linking? (Edit: BCause I tried Device 2 as the host and it seemed to link) Thanks