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    GDB support broken on OSX

    Hey I built the latest code from GitHub and I tried to get GDB to connect. Doing the following 1) Break on load inside vba-m 2) gdb 3) target remote :55555 however I get a few errors and can't really do much Error 1: warning: No executable has been specified and target does not support determining executable automatically. Try using the "file" command. Error 2: (gdb) continue Cannot execute this command without a live selected thread. (gdb) thread 1 Thread ID 1 has terminated. It seems like I can't get the emulator to start with GDB connected. Any suggestions thanks! I think it must be a bug on the Wxwidgets builds or OS X in general. I tried it on linux and was able to get it to work first time with this tutorial. However the linux builds use SDL and have more command line options like --gdb http://www.garin.io/game-cheating-tutorial