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  1. jmc92

    Sound Channel 4 is whisper-quiet in *MFC1490 and others

    Yes, I use Win7. I believe it does pin itself in that manner, where the buttons themselves become invisible and the game takes the whole screen. Would be nice to have the buttons visible as an option. On the old VBA versions, these settings usually looks ok if I recall.
  2. jmc92

    Sound Channel 4 is whisper-quiet in *MFC1490 and others

    My settings seem to work somewhat, but I know what you mean. Under Audio>Configuration I uses 44.1 sample rate, OpenAL, Maximum sound buffer. About 15% Echo, Full Stereo, 75%Sound Filtering Then under the basic settings with the checkmarks, play around with those, but I recommend restarting the rom each time you make a change. Also, try turning off your "display filter" by setting it to none. Idk why but on some roms the filter seems to mess with the sound.
  3. jmc92

    Real/Gameboy colors

    Well, I was going to make a separate thread about this, but this one should do ok. It's not that they don't do anything, but they only last for as long as I'm in a room on pokemon red. Example: This is how pokemon red should look But when you enter and exit the house again, the color palette that was set is gone.
  4. jmc92

    Selective volume per channel

    There are some games it seem, that have an overpowering channel a or b One of these, is Micky And Minnie's Magical quest (First ever cartridge I played so it's the one I tested first) and upon testing it, the audio from A and B blasts over all the other effects, the jumping, damage sounds, everything gets fainter and fainter. My suggestion, is to add a volume slider per channel. Idk how hard that is, or if it's even possible, but it would probably fix the sound errors of the kind I described above.
  5. jmc92

    Per-game settings

    In the psp version of the gba emulators, there is a file that holds the unique settings that you've set for each game, so automatically, whatever settings that worked for a game the last time you played it, are put into effect. Idk if it's possible for vba m, but it'd be a cool feature to have. Not sure if this falls under control or core.