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    Sound Channel 4 is whisper-quiet in *MFC1490 and others

    Ah ok. I feel compelled to note that enabling Interframe Blending on mine appears to make horizontally-moving graphics flicker. Might be a compromise for low frame rates? I'm not certain about "Disable MMX", but some reading hints that it may be a legacy option for very old CPUs which lack the feature.
  2. Joshington

    Sound Channel 4 is whisper-quiet in *MFC1490 and others

    Thankyou kindly for your input. Unfortunately those tweaks didn't make any difference to my ear. I experimented with MFC 1490 (not "SVN" 1490 as I incorrectly stated) and "Wx 2.0.0 beta 2", resetting the emulator after changes, disabling filters/pixel filters, etc. Upon closer comparison with the last original VBA, "1.8 SVN", I've noticed that channel 4 in the "M"s is also very flat-sounding. Perhaps that's more the issue? In any case I think I'll just stick with VBA 1.8 and get the kids and I used to no xBRZ filters, ha. Based on how you described those settings I'm guessing you're using a Wx version. Does your display also pin itself to the top edge of your monitor when in full screen?
  3. Edit: MFC 1490, not SVN. I've noticed Channel 4 in all the M builds I've tested (including 1490) is relatively quiet compared to both a real GBA and the parent VisualBoyAdvance emulator, listening through either speaker/s or headphones. Channel 4 seems to be responsible for sounds resembling a mixture of percussive and "swishing" noises in games like Sonic Advance. It is most notable in the aforementioned game's character menu, when toggling left or right. I would just like to know if there's a setting I could tweak to remedy the volume deficiency of this particular channel, or if it's a known issue that simply can't be overcome for whatever reason. I could go back to the original VBA if I really had to, but I'm really liking VBA-M's xBRZ pixel filter and easy fullscreen toggle. Due to save state incompatibility I'd like to decide which one is best to continue using sooner rather than later. Thanks.
  4. Joshington

    Throttle/speed Problem

    Crowley, did this problem only occur in full screen, and were you using vsync? I had a very similar issue with the SVN 1490 version when in full screen. All tested games would run the emulator at ~ 150%, and the problem turned out to be the full screen resolution I had selected. I suppose my graphics card or the emulator didn't take kindly to 1600x900. The settings that did the trick and offered smooth graphical performance were: - Vsync and Triple Buffering under Options > Video > Render API - Changing the resolution to something different (1280x800 in my case) under Options > Video > Select fullscreen mode... if you're shooting for a res that's some even multiple of the GBA and it does not exist in the list, create it in your GPU control panel (then reboot, in my case). - Leaving the options of "no throttle" and "no frameskip" selected under Options > Speed. Reason I recommend that last point is because the frame judder was driving me crazy after setting Throttle and/or Frameskip to 100% and Automatic, respectively.