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    This problem has always bothered me: For as long as I've been using the VBA no matter what resolution or setting I try while the VBA is open, It always reverts back to and opens to this default size. Other full screen doesn't work either my monitor is set to 1920x1080 if I set other full screen to let say 800x600, instead of opening in an 800x600 window, it instead opens it in full screen, with a resolution of 800x600 Even Editing the ini options for these under [preferences] doesn't work. I have even setting the ini to read only, and it still doesn't work. It just keeps opening to the size I have in the next picture. windowX= windowY= windowedWidth= windowedHeight= Another issue I have, is that if I open the VBA first without loading a ROM and adjust the window to the size I want, and then open a ROM, it will revert back to the default setting size in the picture above once the ROM is loaded. I have to resize the window yet again. Sure I can set the window after I open the ROM so i only have to adjust the window one time, but that's not the point. The VBA cannot maintain a window that has been manually set and that is the point. Why does the VBA not maintain the memory of what window size it's been set to when open and even while it's opened, especially after the ini itself has been edited? Since the creation of the VBA it has never been able to maintain any window size it's been manually set to. If it's not broken, then why has it never worked? If there is a way to set this so it actually opens in the window it's been manually set to, it has never been explained anywhere I have found. Again just a reminder that editing the ini doesn't work even when it's been set to read only. ___________________________________________________________ Thanks for any help in advance!