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  1. Hello I am having graphic errors on the game The King of Fighters EX - Neo Blood. Some screens are pixelated and the character, when begins fighting, gets stuck. I mean, I can't shift its position but I can see some random moves on its arms and legs. If this is not understood, I could make a video for showing it. By the moment I post some images that shows the behaviour: http://bayimg.com/MAMjlAaeh http://bayimg.com/maMJnAAeH http://bayimg.com/maMjoAaEH I am using VBAM GTK v1.8.0.1001 for amd64. I have installed it with the .deb package provided in the sourceforge project page this one I am using OpenGL as rendering method, and the filter for fullscreen hq2x. My video card is a Nvidia 9500GT 1GB using the propietary drivers from Nvidia. This is all. If any further information is needed, please, let me know. Greetings.
  2. zuargo

    Problems with some Yu-Gi-Oh! games

    Give me some days I will try it out again Thanks
  3. zuargo

    How to compile on linux?

    If you are very new for this things, try to learn (searching information related to) and meanwhile install the VBA-M package that provides your GNU/Linux distro
  4. zuargo

    VBA-M does not compile on GNU/Linux

    Yes that works. On the AUR (Archlinux User Repository), the user Unknown47 fixed the PKGBUILD for the vba-m-gtk-svn package (created by Zephyr). It does not have the previous trouble that I have reported: http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=16851 About your issue, I don't have idea, sorry
  5. zuargo

    VBA-M does not compile on GNU/Linux

    Sorry, I am very newbie in all this, can you be more clear? please Also, now I have tried to compile the app in another folder (svn co), and I get this message: CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:376 (ADD_LIBRARY): Cannot find source file: fex/7z_C/7zAlloc.c Tried extensions .c .C .c++ .cc .cpp .cxx .m .M .mm .h .hh .h++ .hm .hpp .hxx .in .txx When I run cmake: cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr -DDATA_INSTALL_DIR:PATH=share/vbam/gtk -DENABLE_WX=OFF Thanks in advance
  6. Hello everyone I am trying to compile VBA-M on Archlinux x86, revision 1029, but I get this message: CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:414 (INSTALL): install PROGRAMS given directory "/home/zuargo/Paquetes/vba-m-gtk-svn/src/vbam-build/vbam" to install. CMake Error: Error in cmake code at /home/zuargo/Paquetes/vba-m-gtk-svn/src/vbam-build/src/wx/CMakeLists.txt:230: Parse error. Function missing ending ")". End of file reached. CMake Warning at po/CMakeLists.txt:42 (MESSAGE): wxWidgets translations overridden by GTK. Build again without GTK to correct. -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred! I have installed cmake 2.8.4 and I run it with the following options: cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr \ -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debugfull Can anybody help me please? Thanks in advance
  7. Hello everybody As says the thread subject I am having some problems with VBAM. I use Archlinux x86 VBAM svn build 1016 Rendering Method: OpenGL Filters: none vsync: What is that?, where can I see whether have I enabled it? triple buffering: same of above Screenshot of Display menu: I am using a Nvidia 9500 GT (1GB) videocard $HOME/.config/gvbam/config file: [Directories] gb_roms=/home/zuargo gba_roms=/home/zuargo batteries=/home/zuargo/.config/gvbam saves=/home/zuargo/.config/gvbam captures=/home/zuargo/.config/gvbam [Core] load_game_auto=0 frameskip=0 use_bios_file=0 bios_file= enable_rtc=0 save_type=0 flash_size=64 gb_border=0 gb_printer=0 gb_use_bios_file=0 gb_bios_file= emulator_type=0 pause_when_inactive=1 show_speed=0 [Display] scale=2 filter2x=0 filterIB=0 output=1 [sound] mute=1 sample_rate=48000 volume=1 [input] active_joypad=0 joypadSDL0_left=100 joypadSDL0_right=103 joypadSDL0_up=114 joypadSDL0_down=102 joypadSDL0_A=65456 joypadSDL0_B=65454 joypadSDL0_select=65451 joypadSDL0_start=65421 joypadSDL0_L=65457 joypadSDL0_R=65458 joypadSDL0_speed=65459 joypadSDL0_capture=65481 joypadSDL0_autoA=113 joypadSDL0_autoB=119 joypadSDL1_left=65361 joypadSDL1_right=65363 joypadSDL1_up=65362 joypadSDL1_down=65364 joypadSDL1_A=122 joypadSDL1_B=120 joypadSDL1_select=65288 joypadSDL1_start=65293 joypadSDL1_L=97 joypadSDL1_R=115 joypadSDL1_speed=32 joypadSDL1_capture=65481 joypadSDL1_autoA=113 joypadSDL1_autoB=119 joypadSDL2_left=65361 joypadSDL2_right=65363 joypadSDL2_up=65362 joypadSDL2_down=65364 joypadSDL2_A=122 joypadSDL2_B=120 joypadSDL2_select=65288 joypadSDL2_start=65293 joypadSDL2_L=97 joypadSDL2_R=115 joypadSDL2_speed=32 joypadSDL2_capture=65481 joypadSDL2_autoA=113 joypadSDL2_autoB=119 joypadSDL3_left=65361 joypadSDL3_right=65363 joypadSDL3_up=65362 joypadSDL3_down=65364 joypadSDL3_A=122 joypadSDL3_B=120 joypadSDL3_select=65288 joypadSDL3_start=65293 joypadSDL3_L=97 joypadSDL3_R=115 joypadSDL3_speed=32 joypadSDL3_capture=65481 joypadSDL3_autoA=113 joypadSDL3_autoB=119 Problem with Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Tournament 2004 (E): I have noticed some words in the list of cards are not shown correctly: Problem with Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition (E): The game, randomly, freezes when the effect of the card Blind Destruction is activated. This effect displays a special screen in the game, where be can see rolling a six-sided die. So when the game should go back at the battle screen, it freezes. This problem also occurs with another card effect but I don't remember its name, however the effect is similar (six-sided die rolling in a non-battle screen). I have attached a save state (0954 - Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition (E)(Eurasia)5.sgm) where be can see when the card is activated by the opponent after to select "completar tu turno" (it is something like "Finish your turn", second option in the green menu), and discard one card from the hand. The opponent will activate the effect of Blind Destruction card and the screen, with the rolling die, will be shown. At this time the issue happens. But as I said, previously, the problem not always occurs. Try again and over, and over (If necessary) and it will happen. I can say that of 10 tries 6 resulting in the named error. Also, I have attached another save state (0954 - Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition (E)(Eurasia)3.sgm) where be can see the game can't go back to the previous screen (battle screen), simply it freezes. Thanks so much for reading this thread
  8. zuargo

    How to compile on linux?

    Thanks a lot for your answer :banana_confusion: EDIT: already I compiled and installed the emulator, apparently it does not have cheat support... can I do a request about it?
  9. zuargo

    How to compile on linux?

    Hi, I want to compile the program, but I have a question: is there a GUI written in Qt instead of GTK?} Thanks:badger: