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  1. Shadowalexia

    Adding FPS Limiter?

    Maybe the general idea was behind the thought is since computers are advancing more and more there will be times when the normal settings wont be able to keep the emulator at 100%/60fps At that point the soulotion could be in limiting the fps. Hope that made sense Yes it would since not everybody want the same turbo speed.
  2. Shadowalexia

    Adding FPS Limiter?

    The title says it all. Just thought it might be a nice addition since theres already an fps skipper
  3. Shadowalexia

    RTC function

    Would it be possible to have the ability to change the RTC time so that it shows the right day and time, or just do a refresh of the time and it changes the time in the game. I know that this is a big problem in the Pokemon games. I know that TGB Dual has that function, so if that could be in VBA-M too it would save a lot of trouble making hack/stuff thats not working or people cant understand them.
  4. Shadowalexia

    Pokemon Gold / Crystal / Silver - Clock fix

    Could anyone fix the pokehack.zip? Still doesent work in Firefox 3.5.5 or explorer 8
  5. Shadowalexia

    dump checking quality tool.

    hmm Maybe this is a feature that could be implemented in VBA-M?
  6. So i was thinking especially now when your still in the SVN state. Wouldent it be worth to add an Auto update feature so whenever a new release has come the program notifyes the user of the program? Or you could run manual update checks from the menu? As for gba linking, why not activate it with a debugger and the users could to enable it and use and send if the logs for you. Could save a lot of time and users could do help test it to. Like i said just a thought.