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  1. So I had my VBA savetype as EEPROM Flash 128K, and started Advance Wars 1, every time I tried to save in-game, and reload it, it just creates a new game. So I settled for save-states and I went pretty far in the game, beating the campaign. And after I've done all that, after some screwing around I found out that it does save with Automatic Flash 64K. I started a new game, saved in a VS Map, and after restarting the game, I've noticed that everything works fine.. So I tried to load my savestate and save the game from there. After I reloaded the savestate, It brought me back to new game again. I think the savestate is stuck as "EEPROM Flash 128K". Is there's a way to convert between EEPROM Flash 128k and Automatic 64K? If not, how can I bypass this problem? I don't want to start a new game.