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  1. As the title says, I'd like to suggest the ability to include a BMP, GIF, or PNG image with the game rom that includes a SGB-like border for games that either don't have the borders, or can run in both SGB or GBC modes. Since GBC has better colors, that is the preferred mode, but it might be nice to keep the SGB borders in GBC mode. If this is too hard to simply grab the SGB border, then reboot in GBC mode, then supporting external borders might be useful. This could be very helpful for people like myself that play VBA-M on their TV and would like the SGB experience even for games that wouldn't support it. This could also be a useful feature for GBA games if you wanted to add a border like the GameCube's Game Boy Player had.
  2. Ceetch

    GBC with SGB border

    If nothing else, I'd want to be able to define custom borders, even for games that don't normally support SGB, like older GameBoy games.