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  1. Hard Core Rikki

    Thread of Shame

    pj64 still exists?
  2. Hard Core Rikki

    VBA-M r1001 [linux SDL and GTK+]

    Linux builds still have a shortcoming I see as significant. Savegames dont get written till the rom or emu is closed. In the eventually of a system crash, you lose the progress altogether.
  3. Hard Core Rikki

    Thread of Shame

    Basically, he says he's a whiner and that there's "no succesful emulator that appeals to a mass community", and that he's been somehow elected to speak on behalf of the population of his imaginary kingdom, knows better than emudevs and in his magnanimosity will tell us how to amend our ways and please his highness and peons much better.
  4. Hard Core Rikki

    Unregistered guests cannot see the forum thread list

    After registering, youll have all options on the defaults (different from when you were unlogged and changed the value). The default is still to show only threads created or updated in the last 24 hours. - To display all threads in only a section (wether youre a guest or a member), use the toggle "from the beginning". - What you'd want is actually the second option, wich can be set from within your userCP's options, to have all threads displayed regardless of their last update timestamp.
  5. Hard Core Rikki

    Unregistered guests cannot see the forum thread list

    This is because the default cutout period setting for guests and members is to display ONLY threads created or updated in the last 24 hours. This should be set to display all threads regardless of last update date, by default. Guests can change it from "Today" to "from the beginning / all". Registered members can make that setting permanent and the new default, in their userCP. Visual aid, to change it for specific sections (guests/members): Registered members can change the cutout period from the default of 24 hours to 'show all threads', in their userCP, under 'options' Visual aid
  6. Hard Core Rikki

    your favourite top five GBA games.

    - Golden Sun (and its sequel) - Final Fantasy VI - Advance Wars 1 and 2 - Fire Emblem (and sequel) - Yggdra Union - We'll Never Fight Alone The last 3 are from the same genre in general (strategy/wargame).
  7. Time to give this some love, I guess. Any specific dependances?
  8. Hard Core Rikki

    Nice to see the forum back up..

    Props and rocks can be thrown Tantric's way.
  9. Hard Core Rikki

    VBA-M - rev874 MFC [info and download]

    It was released +2 months ago btw, the VBA-M forum wasnt available back then.
  10. VBA-M [svn 874 MFC] info and download (compiled 25th march 2009) General Info: VBA-M is a [super] Game Boy emulator for Windows, Linux & Mac. Here you can get information about the latest development build of the Windows version and download it while you're at it. Changes in this release: - Squall Leonhart: Reverted relative folders support, didn't work properly and caused issues with the rom opening, also prevented saving in the same directory as the rom. Added auto frameskipping back in... dunno how its working but it does (Note, opengl has some issues with cpu's with power stepping and auto frameskipping). Also added Pause when inactive back in. - bgk: Fixed MFC - OV2: Compiled release. Fixed Directsound initialization error and completed the pause when inactive code to work with the new audio modes. Thanks to satanic for testing changes as Squall made them. Download: VisualBoyAdvance-M SVN874
  11. Hard Core Rikki

    Cheat Database Discussion

    Updates on the topic, if any that went unmentioned.
  12. Hard Core Rikki

    VBA-GX 1.0.7 released (for Wii and Gamecube)

    Quick summary about VBA-GX: Seems a discussion thread for version 1.0.7 was opened by Tantric at Tehskeen after the GoogleCode downloads were updated. http://www.tehskeen.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10405
  13. Hard Core Rikki

    error PRJ0019

    Locked upon requests. It might be advisable to keep discussions about the protection or means to bypass it minimal (publicly or privately), till Kameleon20 steps up to clarify the valid concerns to which he has not replied to (yet?). It is reasonable to expect that anyone acceptably intermediate would've not had problems to generate working builds or needed to ask about how. To Kameleon20: you have yet to mention the reason behind your request about svn compiling. Kindly privately message me about those (using the PM function), especially if you need assistance.
  14. Hard Core Rikki

    error PRJ0019

    There is no need. The latest revisions always have builds available (especially the mfc ones). Why your insistence, since you can just use the latest builds directly, and immediately share feedback about these? (if sharing feedback and testing the latest revs really was the intent, needless to state). More specifically, why the repeat avoiding to provide direct answer to that question ?
  15. Hard Core Rikki

    I'm out

    Darn. Is everyone considering vacations to ski stations lately ;p