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  1. Dbfan4life

    VisualBoyAdvance-m 2.0.1

    Just tried this version and golden sun the lost age has become an all around bug/glitchfest. Sticking with the older version till this is fixed.
  2. Dbfan4life

    The future for vba-m

    Vba-m is an amazing project that I have been following for years. I think it was since the 1.7 release before the -m part. The improvement since then is simply astounding! Thanks for everything you and the team have done! :banana_flip:
  3. I agree with that. Deadlines would just cause unnecessary stress. The only problem I have is that sometimes the sound gets distorted for less than a second and then back to normal for +/- 10 minutes.
  4. Dbfan4life

    2 issues

    1. options -> emulator -> show speed -> click none. 2. options -> audio -> sound channels -> check if directsound A and B are on and that all channels are checked. OR options -> audio -> core settings -> check if volume isn't muted.
  5. Dbfan4life

    VBA-M [svn 956 MFC] info and download

    What use is the throttle actually? It just speeds up gameplay now and then which is actually a bit annoying.
  6. Dbfan4life

    VBA-M [svn 956 MFC] info and download

    Isn't it supposed to be options ->speed and throttle to no throttle? Because it's like that with me and i always have 100% gamespeed.
  7. Dbfan4life

    VBA-M [svn 956 MFC] info and download

    did you download it from the official site? (microsoft). On a side note: it's directx9 you need
  8. Dbfan4life

    VBA-M [svn 956 MFC] info and download

    install directx
  9. Dbfan4life

    VBA-M [svn 956 MFC] info and download

    Do older saves work with this release?