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  1. spacy51

    Trouble getting the joypad buttons

    Are you by any chance the guy that was on the 27C3 and hacked the PS3?
  2. I developed a game in Java which will be evaluated by my university. I thought I'd share it with you guys so you see I'm not dead. http://www.mediafire.com/?k3758cveo3ekni1 It took me a week or two. The one thing I learned from this project is, that wrong initial decisions regarding code architecture will get more and more on your nerves when adding new features. I didn't want to rewrite my game (I'm lazy), so it got worse and worse. Looks like a gigantic hack in end, but it works ^^
  3. spacy51

    Get the same GUI-options as the Windows version

    Operating systems are like religion. You should respect every one, or else there will be problems. You don't have to believe (use) it, but at least not be an ass towards other ideas.
  4. spacy51

    Get the same GUI-options as the Windows version

    Problem ist that Linux GUI uses GTK, while Windows GUI uses MFC. If a developer adds a new feature, he would have to code the GUI part twice, that means two tool-chains. Since the developers until now were more concerned about windows, the Linux version is now missing some features. With a cross-platform toolkit, this wouldn't have happened.
  5. spacy51

    Automatic Saving

    Hm, not sure if he meant that, but it would be cool to let VBA-M create an automatic emulator save state on closing a game and automatically resume from it when the game is loaded next time. Marketing Name: "Seamless Emulation" Next extension: Automatically load the game that was played last when VBA.exe is executed.
  6. spacy51

    Segmentation fault on Ubuntu 10.04

    It looks like the audio signal is send from VBA thorugh the SDL API to ASOUND (whatever that is). It's either a problem in ASOUND or SDL. It might sometimes be the case that VBA doesn't provide audio date fast enough, if emulation is too slow, but the audio APIs shouldn't crash in that case..
  7. spacy51

    vbam svn945 compiling problems and solutions.

    You have to install the developer packges that are not found.
  8. spacy51

    Bomberman Max 2

    I tested it with a self-compiled SVN938 and everything is working fine with these two games. I have all settings simple. Save is EEPROM and is autodetected fine. BIOS on/off does not matter. No black screen after language selection.
  9. spacy51

    Bomberman Max 2

    Just tell us the hashes/CRC checksums of your ROMs to be sure.
  10. spacy51

    Dump your GBA games with a DS

    Hm, I was a little suspicious, but it made kind of sense what he said
  11. spacy51

    Dump your GBA games with a DS

    Dumping a 16 MB ROM takes less than a minute IIRC, smaller games dump faster. You can dump your games one after another without need of a restart. You can later transfer them all at once from your SD memory card to your PC. What exactly do you mean with "WiFi"-Method?
  12. spacy51

    Alternate Cartridge Types

    The problem is, that those special cartridges usually need a lot of investigation and reverse engineering in order to understand the additional chips used. It's questionable whether the resulting user experience is worth the effort.
  13. spacy51

    Added tool for detecting save type

    Is your save path correct? Try to move your current save file out of it and start VBA-M without a save file.
  14. spacy51

    RE: Linking(Netplay) Status?

    reported: Keep in mind VBA is an open source project. The developers are not getting paid for it. We are doing this out of pure passion for the GBA handheld console. We also have our lives to live, we can't develop all day. We also want to do other things now and then.