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  1. Clements

    HyperThreading support of Multithreading(D3D)

    For me, only the filter plugins are affected by this. The standard magnification filters always work fine. I'm using VBA-M r515 with D3D mode, HQ4X and an Athlon64 X2, and get the following results: D3D, Multi-threading (D3D) off, HQ4X filter: Works D3D, Multi-threading (D3D) on, HQ4X filter: Works D3D, Multi-threading (D3D) off, HQ4X filter plugin: Works D3D, Multi-threading (D3D) on, HQ4X filter plugin: Dual screen problem. The Dual screen problem seems to affect all filter plugins with Multi-threading (D3D) on.
  2. Clements

    [FIXED]22 pixel border OpenGL bug

    Printscreen doesn't crash the emulator for me (Direct3D/OpenGL, VBA-M r461).
  3. Clements

    Qt4 port update

    Looking really good. Configuring VBA from scratch via the GUI as it stands is a bit of a pain, so the QT GUI should remove that problem (and look nice at the same time).
  4. Clements

    LCD Colors Bug

    I am just reposting this bug here from the Ngemu forums, so it does not get lost. Bug: The LCD colors option does not work with compiles from r085 and later. Render API does not affect this. The option works in SVN r020, but is broken in SVN r085 onwards. I can't compile VBA-M, so I can't narrow it down further to a specific SVN revision.