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  1. Look likes this forum is now UP finally after long time buggy! :D Thanks for fixing it! - From:- Pika2219Super aka AsPika2219
  2. Pika2219Super

    The future for vba-m

    I loves VBA-M forever! :banana: Keep moving forward!
  3. Pika2219Super

    Monster Rancher Advance 2

    Try this one! http://gamehacking.org/game/5395 Are codes are in Codebreaker format. Some of them are using Action Replay version 1 or 2, but this emulator was never support AR V1/V2 anymore or just removed by Forgotton.... I hope future version of VBA-M will return it back this code format!
  4. Pika2219Super

    Forum Recovery: An old backup :(

    Thanks for fixing this forum, Squall! Keep it up for future time!
  5. Pika2219Super

    I am new on this forum!

    Thank you!
  6. Pika2219Super

    GBA Code Discovery

    I also find that codes but... all that codes are not working... But now, there are no way to find it... Very difficult...
  7. Pika2219Super

    I am new on this forum!

    Hello everybody! I am newest on this forum! I likes Visual Boy Advanced emulator so much since more than 5 years ago. Pokemon is my favorites games!