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  1. Ops,so sorry for this mistake I've cheked the good dumps of the games,and donkey kong country II works fine same problem instead for the two shin megami tensei's games,but i repeat,seems be only with gba bios active,without it they don't freeze thanks again for support and explanations
  2. hello,first of all,many thanks for develop this marvelous emulator i've check these roms and seems don't work with the lastest buil of the emu (VBA-M SVN945) Donkey Kong Country 2 (EU) (Morrigan) [1540].gba - without bios it freeze in white screen - with bios freeze at bios screen Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children - Honoo no Sho \ Koori no Sho - (JP) (Rising Sun) [1170]\[1171].gba without bios semms working perfeclty,but with bios enable freeze after the title screen i'm using deafult setting of the emu,only have changed the size of saves (128bit) hope to help for develop the ultimate gba\gbc\gb emulator greetings