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    KDE 4.1 general hype thread

    Well I have been using KDE 4.1 svn/trunk since February (I was using KDE 4.0.2 only at the time, without any other DE installed, and it was unsuitable for everyday tasks so I upgraded : D). I am excited about all the progress it has made and that it will make in the future. Plasma is great right now (+the panel handling is very intuitive), Konqui rocks and so does Amarok 2. I hated the idea of Dolphin replacing Konqueror but know I really like dolphin. Nonetheless I miss Kaffeine. There are still bugs, but I use it *everyday* now. When it comes out officially it will be rock-solid.
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    Sorry for the late response but NG-Emu and these forums seem to be down most of the time that I am online. No prob about the bug reports. If I find something I' ll be more than happy to report it. Well, thanks for the fixes, vba-m now compiles succesfully with the gtk GUI. However, I cannot start gvbam. Here's the error I'm using the following switch of cmake to compile : -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr (Otherwise the files end up in /usr/local. I will test asap if the cmake . alone works correct) Also two files (vba.glade and gbadvance.svg) end up in src/gtk, which is not very appropriate for these files I believe. Maybe /usr/share/vbam/gtk and /usr/share/icons would be more compatible with packaging standards of most distros?
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    Hi all! I have been watching the progress of VBA-M and just wanted to say well done, and keep up the good work! I tried to compile the fresh GTK GUI vba-m and I'm having some trouble. I'm using ArchLinux. Here's the output of make: My guess is that GCC ver. 4.3.0 is the one responsible for this. I'm also planning to create a PKGBUILD (kind of a package, more or less) for arch, and I can't wait for the Qt gui. Keep up the good work!