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  1. Chrono Archangel

    error PRJ0019

    You win. Too tired to argue. HCR: You can close this thread, I'll provide support via PM.
  2. Chrono Archangel

    error PRJ0019

    I don't hate you. You just can't get over the fact you got banned from Emuforums. My attitude is nothing compared to what you gave me a while back. Back on topic please. I believe someone was looking for help. In fact, if these kinds of threads are frowned upon, why not just close it now?
  3. Chrono Archangel

    error PRJ0019

    Apparently not, and your attitude towards potential new devs is really sad. Everyone has to start somewhere. Duh.
  4. Chrono Archangel

    error PRJ0019

    kameleon: see PM, it should give you an idea ill refrain from posting it in the actual thread since this protection seems to be soooo important.
  5. Chrono Archangel

    error PRJ0019

    i lolled not everyone is out to get you mudlord
  6. Chrono Archangel

    error PRJ0019

    If you go to the release_temp folder, you probably have a log there. Take a look inside and you'll probably see its complaining about .asm files its not able to process. Got to: http://www.nasm.us/pub/nasm/releasebuilds/2.05.01/ Download the win32 version and extract it wherever you want. Go to your Executable directories settings and add the folder where the nasm.exe is in. Give it try again after that. If the log isnt related to nasm, post it here and someone can surely help you.
  7. Chrono Archangel

    I'm here!

    Finally got a chance to register here! I've been so busy with work Hi yall :banana: why so many banana smileys?