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    Get the same GUI-options as the Windows version

    [bUMP] I am sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section, or done something else wrong. If it is so, I would want to know what I have done wrong. I am giving you two screenshots so you can see the difference between the version I am using and the Windows-version. gtk-version (@imageshack) Windows-version (@imageshack) Am I forced to use Wine to be able to use all the available options?
  2. I am using Ubuntu 10.04, (a Debian-based linux distro using GNOME) and I wanted to run a few of my Gameboy Color/Advance games on my computer. I had loads of trouble finding a decent emulator, but I finally ended up here, having seen a video of VBA-M on Youtube. (Running under some sort of Windows environment, maybe even Wine) I decided to install from source, since I had some troubles finding a ppa. But I was kind of disappointed when gvba-m didn't have nearly as many options and settings as the Windows-version. I could of course use Wine, but I prefer to use native stuff as far as possible. Running from commandline is not an option for me. =/ I would love some help with getting a better GUI! From what I understand there is a qt gui, can I use that, and if so, how? What I would love most is an updated ppa, although that may be too much to hope for. (Thanks for the very best simulator out there, and the fastest too!)