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  1. Geti

    Future of SDL frontend

    nice, i like the rewinds and saves especially.
  2. Geti

    NDS Support?

    i wasnt counting on it so its okay, would just be cool to see. i understand the issues aswell, so dont break your backs over it
  3. Geti

    Random Thread

    i am ridiculously bored.. and its bloody cold here. bleh at glam rock.. some of its okay, but most of its lame.. some of twisted sister is funny though. you know whats a fun game? Megaman Zero 4. i need a new guitar, anyone got any suggestions?
  4. Geti

    KDE 4.1 general hype thread

    it is.. and its included with fedora 9 - i think.
  5. Geti

    NDS Support?

    would it be possible to port in another nds emulator's code? like the layers for GBA/GBC/GB/SGB, though i think the standard gba api runs all of them... or does it support them through slightly reworked code? i havnt even looked at how any of this is done.. or even cpp for ages.. so i wont be much help at this time lol. would be good to see it though. i find this project very interesting.. it should be awesome watching it grow.
  6. Geti

    NDS Support?

    is it plausible? if so, hell yes