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    VisualBoyAdvance-M 891

    there's strange problem after i update windows sdk. this's error log.
  2. infiltrator

    Compile latest svn

    It had been fixed! :banana_confusion: :banana_cool:
  3. infiltrator

    HW accelerated filters thread

    Thanks. Welcome back mudlord.
  4. infiltrator

    HW accelerated filters thread

    I can't download your file. Someone has mirror?
  5. infiltrator

    Compile latest svn

    OK. I can pass assembler but error with linking. Could you update devinfo? Thanks Squall.
  6. infiltrator

    Compile latest svn

    What happen with its? Why unable open macros? I read devinfo.txt but nothing to solve its. Any ideas? VS2008SP1 / DXsdk2008Nov / Libpng,Zlib / OpenALsdk (bin,include,lib) / nasm
  7. infiltrator

    Lufia - The Ruins of Lore glitch

    Version : VBA-M SVN 781 Render : OpenGL [attachment=125] It had glitch on link button. [attachment=126] More glitch. [attachment=127] Little glitch on skill windows.
  8. infiltrator

    Final Fantasy VI Thai broken

    I know it really oldest. Actually, i already test with latest svn. [577] 577 can't open everything. 20 can open intro.
  9. infiltrator

    Final Fantasy VI Thai broken

    Yep. It's patch Thai version. I try vba-m svn 20 that can open intro. And then it freeze. It works only official vba. For vba-m developer. FFVI Adv (T) include patch *link removed* How to patch: 1. Open patch 2. Drag and drop ROM to Moguri pic.