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Visual Boy Advance-M

2 Quesions - Delay and Sync

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Not sure if this is the place to ask it. But hope so.


My 2 questions are Audio related, or well one of them is a bit off topic, depending on how you look at it, but here goes.


Quesion 1:


When i use the lowest Latency possible, it says 2 frames 33.3 ms.

Does that mean that i will hear the Audio 33.3ms from when it´s produces (and in 33.3ms 2 frames is shown)?


If i am then Recording the emulator with Fraps or Dxtory, Will it also have this delay. If so, by making a delay of -33.3ms afterwards, will it cure it?


I currently think it does, but better of asking.


Question 2:


What are the best settings for sync and prevent sound stutter.


It probably varies, but mind as well just ask.


I must have Vsync, and as my screen is 60hz, it shouldn´t be any problem as Gameboy also is 60hz(or 59.xx i think).


And i am not sure, but from my Emulating over the years, i always end up using Sync Audio, as it produces the cleanest audio. Probably from Project64 where you get jitter and cracks most of the time with Limit FPS.


Now i don´t know how VBA M handles it, but should i use Vsync with Audio Sync?


And is there any Rendering API you recommend, i currently use Direct3D.


Also, I use triple buffering, which should be like the best of 2 worlds in regards to Input Lag, but i think it´s just for OpenGL that it always uses the latest frame, and Direct3D will always go in order, meaning it can be behind by 1 or more frames just to do it in the order the frames where supposed to be shown.




Okay this got a bit messy, but hopefully you get what i am talking about.



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Okay great!


And another thing, i noticed that i get slowdown when much stuff are on the screen.


For example in a Zelda game there was a minigame with many enemies. I had 60fps and all that, and music was correct, but the game went slow.


Have happened alot on SNES, but not so often on GBA (VBA-M), but seem to happen in drastic situations.


And i can guarantee that my CPU and GPU should be able to handle it.


4ghz Quad Core i5, and 6970 2gb ATI.


If that´s not enough, than i don´t know what to say;P

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