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Visual Boy Advance-M

Frametime and Sync to Audio.

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I have had big issued recording this Emulator with MSI Afterburner,

and after ages i think i figured out why.


It seems to be cause of Sync to Audio, it messes up the frame timing even with Vsync.


Now why it does it is probably understandable, as it doesn't go by the Video Driver or anything when to produce a frame per say, it cares about the sync to the audio.


And cause of this even if the framerate is 60fps, MSI Afterburner messes up and goes to 40-60 depending on the frametiming (as far as i can tell).


Now, of course you shouldn't "fix" anything cause MSI Afterburner isn't compatible on this.


But i have questions regarding it.




Do you experience the same frame timing weirdness as i do?

It basically can stay at about 16ms, but then jump to like 7ms-22ms or whatever.


And is there a way to solve it, or is it just how that syncing works?


The way i guess is to solve it is to just have Vsync.

Problem is that Vsync != Audio Sync, even though it's probably very close i think (60fps)?


If there was a way to figure out what the Audio is at one could just change the Hertz to equal it.

Think that's kinda how Higan and such do it.



I might be completely out of place with this, but i hope to get a better understanding about it and perhaps find a "solution" that works for me:)



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They work fine indeed, but the frametiming is all over the place sadly.

And that's my issue. It's not that the Emulator itself runs badly,

it's that the recording software runs bad.


Which is why i made the case that the Emulator is Not at fault, but is trying to find some kind of "solution" if it's even possible.

mostly i think it's incompatibility with MSI Afterburner cause it's very frame timing dependent,

so even if it's 60fps all the time as far as i can tell, it will drop and stuff cause of those timings,

as it records to VFR etc.


Well it's all a mess.




Here is a video to demostrante it a bit, check the frametiming.



And you can also check the framerate of the video to see that it drops, even if the game doesn't.

But as said, Not the emulators fault per say as far as i can tell.

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No multi-track for mic etc.


And i actually have had bad experience with those recordings,

not sure what it was, think they ran out of sync or something.

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