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Visual Boy Advance-M

Native save feature doesn't work

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Hi all


I'm using this awesome piece of software (the 2.0.0-beta2 MFC) with Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls rom, but I've a problem with the native save feature that dosn't work


I searched a lot on the web and tried several tips and tricks, without any result.


Here the actual configuration (but I already tried all the combinations):




Here you can see all directories (with read/write access) are specified:




However when I try to save, the game tells me that failed to save



Can someone help me? Thanks in advance :)

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You could try to use the same folder path is the best way to avoid problem with denied access.

Those are same folder





I use those on the directory path as it is and never had any problem,other way around is an ini with all the kind of saves vba-over.ini this normally saves you the trouble but ff use a default save nothing wrong with it the save size is 64kb so the problem is the directory path,it could be locked or with read only atribute

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