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Visual Boy Advance-M

Locked vbam.ini when launched thru HyperLaunch

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Hi all,


when launching VBA-M (latest stable or git builds) thru HyperLaunch there is an error message shown (something to the extent of ...cannot copy config file to... *.tmp, etc.). When this happens and I close the applications down, vbam.ini is locked and cannot be opened by any other application anymore.


When I initially launch VBA-M directly this doesn't happen, so my assumption is that HyperLaunch is locking vbam.ini before VBA-M can make the copy.


What's the purpose of making that copy, and can it be disabled? Has anyone experienced HyperLaunch acting this way, and is there a way to solve from HL side?


I realize this may not be a VBA-M problem at all, but I'd really like this great emulator to work in that setup.


Thanks in advance


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