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How to fix pixelation on Windows 10?

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I was using VBA on Windows 7 and every time I load up the game, it would start off looking pixelated, but after a few seconds, it auto-adjusted out of the pixelation. I am not seeing this happen on my new computer running Windows 10. I downloaded VBA-M and noticed the same result. Is there a way to eliminate the pixelation to ease up on my eyes?

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gameboy games are pixelated they looked better because the screen was a specially made for gba,now on pc well it would work fine if you have an old pc monitor lying around (i miss my old pro monitor with a resolution of 8000x4000) since those work similar to the monitor used by gba.

what i think about what happened to you it seems you had a profile for vba in your gpu setup,windows 10 works worse then windows 7 and is known,there are no ways to fix that but there are always filters to improve the image i normally use the bilinear plus filter on vba and looks fine the only problem with the new version is the color used by default the color palette on gba is different since is a 64 thousand colors console it wasn´t a console with real colors,problem with using the real colors palette the colors would be far too bright and there will be loss of details.

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