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Visual Boy Advance-M

"Could not create main window" error

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I'm getting this error when trying to run VBA-M on Fedora 25.

Pulling from latest commit (fed6f2389ebeb33c803a9ccc173214c327dd06d2) on master from the git repo https://github.com/visualboyadvance-m/visualboyadvance-m/


Cmake and make seem to run fine, and only spit out warnings.

I also believe I have all needed libraries and dependencies installed.


When running ./visualboyadvance-m, a dialogue pops up with the following errors:


Could not create main window:
04:46:49 PM: Cannot load resources from 'memory:wxvbam.xrs#zip:*.xrc'.
04:46:49 PM: XRC error: XRC resource "MainFrame" (class "wxFrame") not found
04:46:49 PM: Could not create main window


I've attached the cmake and make logs.



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