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Visual Boy Advance-M
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Squall Leonhart

Tasks to complete

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1. Build a Theme (i'll start by importing one of my old RC4 themes and building upon it.)

- Create custom buttons

- Source or create images

- Implement Custom CSS

- ....find my Hex color selector o.O


2. Update top links

- Add Home, forum and links to the svn compile dir's.

- Add Link to SourceForge project page.


3. Upload a heck load of smileys.

- Add shortcuts for each smiley (argh, over 180)


4 - Further Simplify the board

- Create a site feedback board.

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Ok guys, im going to work on a nifty theme for all those zelda lovers, but i would find it nifty if someone could provide sprites? or find sprite sheets i can use for board icons.

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