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Visual Boy Advance-M
Squall Leonhart

Some changes,.. some good, some not so good...

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Most of you should know by now that mudlord has grown unhappy with the scene, and has left, We wish him all the best in his future projects.


This leaves us with a few holes to fill, being that mudlord was our main opengl developer, as well as an admin.


Now i've thought hard about this, and i promise it doesn't reflect on anyones behavior and its not that i think they aren't good enough, so please don't think that.


Mudlord had suggested to me sometime ago that should an admin leave, HCR would get the job. This is namely because he has shown himself to keep a clear and logical view on a situation. And because it would itself balance out the Current Admins here.


This leaves a space open as S-mod. Which i will work out a person to fill this spot in good time.


This however doesn't fill the gap of the OpenGL Dev.... so i will look around and see if anyone is interested, Though i've got some ideas of my own to improve the video renderer.


Anyone interested in moderating a board pm me... i am only looking for 3-5 people.

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