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Visual Boy Advance-M
Squall Leonhart

VBA-M[SVN build 781, MFC] Info & Download

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General Info:

VBA-M is a [super] Game Boy emulator for Windows, Linux & Mac. Here you can get information about the latest development build of the Windows version and download it while you're at it.



Notable changes since build 753 in 781:



  • ADDED "change backdrop color" button to palette view and added corresponding hack to the core rendering engine for all graphic modes.
  • Enable/disable refresh button in MapViewer when automatic refresh is enabled.
  • improved code beauty :)
  • ADDED video layer reset "OptionsVideoLayersReset" function to commands list, CTRL+0
  • ADDED information messages when enabling/disabling layers
  • MOVED rewind interval to Tools menu.
  • Added default "screenshots" directory.
  • Set default directories "battery" and "savestates".
  • Code cleanup.
  • Automatically & silently create directories in a relative path.
  • FIXED building with GCC/MinGW
  • FIXED: Added PNG include dir
  • corrected typo
  • When time permits I'll add a resource checksum instead.
  • Include change to work with in-project msvc dependencies.
  • Added info about "file_extractor" dependencies.
  • Standardised the output paths, dropped "file-extractor" from the solution and added the dependancies\msvc files into the project.
  • Used the latest names for the zlib and libpng dlls and libs ... change if yours are different and linking fails.
  • Branch for MFC changes
  • REMOVED gbafilter.cpp/h because it was not used anywhere
  • small resource file fix
  • ADDED support for .ips .ups .ppf files to the GUI.
  • ADDED patch files to Win32/MFC project
  • ADDED Microsoft compatible replacements for fseeko64, ftello64 and __off64_t


Notable changes since build 750 in 753:



  • [CORE] Add UPS/PPF patch support
  • [sDL] Add UPS/PPF patch support
  • [sDL] Fix memory leak
  • REMOVED second u8/u16/u32 typedefs
  • REMOVED old Qt files from trunk. See branches/qt for Qt front-end.






Moderator Zach Thibeau - fixed url tags for you Squall




You must have installed the latest DirectX SDK and, if you want to use OpenAL, the OpenAL runtime. Read the Readme for further assistance.

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