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Visual Boy Advance-M

VisualBoyAdvance-M SVN 878 Windows compile

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* Similar changes as the last compile

* I fixed the DirectSound initialization as well as possibly other issues.

* I left this unencrypted/uncompressed since I know laterza and co. will plagarise this and commit more GPL violations. So, I don't care. And I am still waiting on thier encryptor which is supposed to be better than EXECryptor and Themida combined (to the laypeople, those 2 commercial EXE protectors are like Securom/Tages in strength in your games).


Anyway, there's the compile. Sorry it took so long.



VisualBoyAdvance-M SVN878 (click to download)


Squall Edit

Download the build from sourceforge, rather then our download section. 7z files are currently being corrupted due to possibly some server side caching or compressing.

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Run the DX web installer. It will grab the latest DX9 files for you.

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