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Visual Boy Advance-M

General Issues and Todos....

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- Many games show emulation warnings in the log window (unaligned read, bad read/write address), due to inaccuracies in the core.

- Test: Metroid Fusion & Advance Wars


- Linking doesn't work quite right yet, due to core changes.

-> Cross platform linking might be a possibility under new Qt system


- Gb_Apu audio core: assertation error occurs when disabling GB sound


- Improve automatic 64k/128k flash save detection


- HQ3x/4x ASM implementation produces wrong interpolation on the image's border

See http://vba-m.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=32


- Remove 16 bit hack for filters

-> Not compatible to software motion blur (display corruption)


- Add selection for compressed archives with more than one ROM in them




Less important:


- Improve AVI recording (produces asynchronous files)


- Enable audio stream compression for AVI files


- Add stereo upmixing support to OpenAL


- Verify BIOS files by checksum instead by file extension

-> XySSL is a nice compact hash library. We need a DB of correct BIOSes though.


- Merge HQ2x/LQ2x C code into code for HQ3x/4x


- Apply pixel filter to sprites and BG seperately for better image quality


- Create Visual Studio project using SDL makefile


- VisualBoyAdvance Color Edition implementation




- Apply HQ3x/4x optimizations from C version to ASM version


- Apply pixel filter only to changed parts of the rendered image


- Make use of multi-core CPUs

-> To really make use of these, we need to multithread more parts of the core.

-> Could be a focal point on major Qt release


- Make use of 64 bit CPUs

-> Need to rewrite x86 ASM into x64 assembly

-> Could use YASM?

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I would like to add in more issues:


- Cairo video backend does not properly render the gfx

- Filters does not yet work with Cairo and OpenGL backend

- An suspicious warning ** PortAudio : buffer underflow **

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The Cairo output module shows wrong colors when using filters. Known issue.

Filters work with OpenGL when using the GTK port. Try again.

PortAudio : buffer underflow means that the emulation does not go fast enough to feed the sound card. There will be blanks. That warning should be disabled.

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