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Visual Boy Advance-M

Can't configure controls

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When I try to configure the controls, every field says "Joy 1." I am not able to change any of these fields.


If I close the program, plug in a controller, and try again, everything says "Joy 2" and does the same thing.


If I select "Multiple Key Assignments" and click on one of the fields, "Joy 1" or "Joy 2" will repeat several times.


Why can't I change any of the controls? Thanks so much.



SVN 926

This also happens in VBA

Running Win-7 64-bit

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Looks like something on your controller is stuck or alternatively on your joystick or whatever, I've had that sometime happen with me as well. Try and calibrate whatever it is you're trying to use, I know you may have done so in the past but try again. My steering wheel tends to like going sideways every time I boot my computer up with it till I open the calibration menu and just move it from left to right once then it's happy, same thing sometimes happens with my controller's one analog stick.

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