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Visual Boy Advance-M
Squall Leonhart

VBA-M [svn 956 MFC] info and download

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@Zach Thibeau: LOL! Ever watched the first episode of South Park Season 15:




How should I know if me, using this latest build gives you the right to perform sick & perverted experiments on me or not? Unless I take the time to actually read the readme file :hidewall:


No, seriously... I actually do read the readme files to whatever software I plan on using. That way I have some understanding as to how I should use the app before asking for help when often times the answer could lie within the provided documentation.


Awesome work on this recent build by the way :)


By the way, where can I find the BIOS files for both the Gameboy & Gameboy Color? Unless asking for them is against the forum rules & if so, I apologize.

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Well these dont seem to be the most active forums but >.>

i see squall on lots of different emu sites/forums


So im wondering about the 32/64bit binaries


x86 is up to SVN956 but the x64 seems to be at SVN899, as far as i can tell, there are no noticeable differences, the readme for both of them are the same, the only other differences is the x86 comes with the "vba-over.ini".

Is there any other difference in them?


Also where is the config.ini for vba-m stored?

As i am experiencing a rather weird, i guess you can call it a problem.


well i had both x86/x64 versions at the same time and was trying to compare them, it seems after running the x64 version, the x86 versions runs much slower?


Was getting 800-900% on x86 with turbo mode enabled, and on x64 was getting into the 900-1000% area. as i figured 64bit would run better then 32bit.


But after running the 64bit version, when i run the x86 it seems to cap at like 120-140% now. (i checked to see if throttle was active, and it was set to no throttle, i even tried changing throttle to 200 and 1000% still wouldnt go past the 140%). Also tried settings frame skips, no change, and different games.


So i figured maybe it was something to do with the config file being shared by both 32/64bit versions. But it seems no matter what i do (completely delete both of them) the config stays after i re download it? all the same settings, input settings, everything.

I searched the registry for "vba" didnt find anything related. restarted my computer (figured maybe it was cached in the ram).

No change.


any ideas? also dont forget the 1st part of the question, is there any difference in svn899/svn956?




(couldnt resist after seeing it over there :3)

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x64 is unsupported and has no future where vba-m is concerned.


the configuration is written to %appdata%\vba-m if a vba.ini does not exist in the app directory.


there is no performance differences between the x64 and x32 builds of that version, the only difference from then and now is an optimisation was removed that broke GBA graphics.

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Thanks it fixed the problem, should have though of it being there.

Maybe the 64bit should be removed if not supported, as it seem to break the 32bit version lol.


And ya i guess there really was no performance difference, just when i seen 4 digit% on 64bit i though it was better, and when i went to re compare to the 32bit it was broken. Now im hitting as high as 1200%. (ya im using turbo mode for benchmarking xD).


Anyway thanks again.


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