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Visual Boy Advance-M
Squall Leonhart

Future builds of VBA-M may require the VC10 runtime

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I think i'm using the latest stable version of tortoiseSVN since i downloaded it recently.


Anyway, i'm able to play Multiplayer on Mario Kart Super Circuit now(based on svn1029) :) tested with 3 players on Multi-pack, but performance still need to be improved tho.

I didn't do much tho (not as much as comments i made in the code xD), just rechecking the old code that already there.


There is also disconnection problem when server halted for too long (like changing settings from menu)

It would be better if the "engine" is running on a different thread than the thread handing Windows Messages, so gameplay won't be affected by user interaction to GUI (ie. clicking menu, dragging window, etc) which will cause the "engine" to stop for awhile.


Single-Pack doesn't works yet as there are too many thing to be made, such as Multiboot interrupt handler and more (especially on Client/Slave side which receives the game rom through link), so i feels lazy to work on singlepack ^_^


Btw, does GBA really have Wifi? i don't see any GBA wireless mentioned in gbatek (except IR and wifi for NDS)

since i never had the real hardware so i don't really know how they works and what are they capabilities are, the only nintend0 product i ever had was a NES 8bit i think xD

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the disconnection problem was always there, namely because the gui pauses emulation when interacted with which is a desired behavior though it could be

made to be toggled.


yes, pokemon fire red and leaf green made use of the nintendo wifi adapter.


martin never documented the adapter and had a disclaimer at the bottom asking for contributions for it.


Supporting the no$gba project

If somebody would like to help me on the nocash project, here's a list of some things that'd be useful to me, for research purposes:

- gba "nes classic" series game cartridge (a real cartridge, not a rom-image)

- gba infra-red adapter - gba wifi adapter - gameboy micro (miniaturized gameboy advance console) - commodore amiga 500 home computer (for emulating it whenever having time to do that)

- bug reports (detailed info please: say what does not work in which situations)

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