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Visual Boy Advance-M

is linked [F-Zero - Maximum Velocity] possible?

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im new here and F-Zero - Maximum Velocity is my 1st game on Emulator. i try to establish GBA Linking for two players on one computer.


here are the guides i used:




and a list of games:



with F-Zero i have no connection so far. split screen (using two emulator windows) would be awsome :annoy: do you know if we have an emulator which can do that?

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I'm tempted to ban you for being another obvious case at FAILING TO READ THE INCLUDED README


only an indev (no source avaiable) version of VBA-m supports linking atm


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thank you so much! my 1st try with this version failed. so i tried another version which didnt work so i thought its maybe not possible at to play this game linked. now, because of your support tried again and saw that it works! my eyes nearly popped out of my head. didnt give up. its such a good feeling! thank you very much!

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