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Ubuntu Hardy Heron SATA drive issue

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Hi there,


I am having major problems with installing Ubuntu Hardy Heron.


What got me attracted to this release is the new Wubi install option, which is perfect for what I am doing, as I only need around 30GB of HD space allocated to Linux.


I tried installing, yet it had issues detecting my 320GB SATA drive. As in, not detecting it at all. Currently it is running in ACHI mode under Windows, and runs great. Whereas with Hardy Heron, it completely fails to detect it. And all my code and stuff is on the SATA drive? And Gutsy Gibbon detected it fine.....


Is there anything I can do or is Hardy Heron untolerant of SATA drives in this configuration?

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Well it shouldn't really, I really have no means to help you as I haven't used Ubuntu for some time (due to lack of real internet on my computer) and plus I use regular ol'IDE Hard drives (Tells you how old my computer is :P) maybe duelscreenman can help out, if not I'm pretty sure the folks over at ubuntuforums.org will have the answer for that

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