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Visual Boy Advance-M

Audio delay

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When I run any version of VBA, VBALink or VBA-M, the sound seems to be delayed by half a second to a second. I have no idea what's causing this, although I assume it's a problem with my computer and not with the emulator. I'm hoping someone here can figure out what I need to alter to fix it.

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I downloaded them last night, and Xaudio2 is synching almost perfectly now.


I've begun to notice a bit of skipping in the video which seems to happen inconsistently, but I'm guessing that has more to do with my hardware than with the software. I only downloaded VBA-M yesterday, so I'm still getting used to the differences from the old VBA.

...and wow, turning VSync on almost completely solved it -- I'd say about 98% of the skipping is gone. I thought I'd already tried that last night with no improvement, but apparently I hadn't.


So yeah, great job with all this, guys!

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