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Visual Boy Advance-M

Super Gameboy border emulation

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I'm not sure this is the right place in the forum for this but here it is.


I use VBA-M svn1097. In "Options/Gameboy" I've set to "Border Automatic" and "SGB" (same with "SGB2") to get the nice borders some GB games have.

This works great with games like Donkey Kong Land 2.

But others like Warioland 3 or both the Tomb Raider ones won't like it and assume they are inserted in a mono GB, then won't allow the game to play at all. Of course they work when set on "CGB/GBC", "GBA" or "Automatic" but without border.


Didn't these games work on the original Super Gameboy ? Or my settings are wrong ?

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Both of these games are Gameboy Colour only, while games that support SGB+Borders are GB that just happen to support some CGB colours


or theres the case of conkers pocket tales where the game is completely different depending on whether its run on a GB or CGB

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