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Visual Boy Advance-M

Pelican Eclipse (PL-2006)

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I have a Pelican Eclipse (PL-2006) that i recently soldered a usb cable onto and plugged it in, i used USB View to find the correct id's.


[Port3] Device Connected : Generic USB Hub

[Port1] NoDeviceConnected

[Port2] NoDeviceConnected

[Port3] NoDeviceConnected



I'm getting a Vendor of 0E6F and Product of 0001 on the connected, but the link light wont light up, but the signal light is blinking.


Do I HAVE to have the shield soldered with the black wire?

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I remember that wireless control... or one similar.


it differs somewhat in that the wake up command is only sent to the controller if the device is plugged into an actual xbox, we never figured out how to wake it up via a pc

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