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FF1/2: Dawn of Souls layering issue

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While walking through forests in FF1, there is a lot of layer flickering. As in, it flickers between showing the trees of the forest and my character in the overworld map.

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Thats because the game swaps in 2 frames very fast to simulate the alpha appearance.


Using one of the interframe blending techniques in the filters menu or the Motion Blur method under the D3D9 video settings will resolve it


Actually, it is to kind of reproduce the GBA LCD screen's slow response time. While everyone knows about motion blurring (blend last and current frame together). Some games (like Hardvest Moon or F-Zero) make use of that to save processing time for real transparency and instead just display graphics every second frame (and hide it the other frame). I think the smart interframe blending tries to intelligently only detect those virtually transparent areas and not touch the normal areas, providing a generally less motion-blurred image while still showing virtually transparent areas as transparent. When none of these is activated the virtually transparent image is flickering when the screens response time is too fast. The more I think about it, the less should it be removed, but rather optimized.

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