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Visual Boy Advance-M

DirectFB or Wayland ports?

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Would there be any plans to port VBA-M to either of these? I'm trying to figure out the software base of what will one day be a Linux machine that runs VBA-M, bootstraps itself, and fits into an Altoids tin (not including the separate controller or battery pack). The X11 base is far too large for an attempt at squishing it into a small USB or a microSD (and besides that, I'm not very sure the CLFS base I intend to use could handle it, as it uses the uClibc instead of glibc), and either DirectFB or Wayland seem to be good alternatives. (Now if I could also find a nice, small browser that supports copy+paste and a nice, small terminal that does the same while I'm at it...)




...bananaphone smilies?...


That bit definitely has me confused...

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