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Using Horipad Ex2 Turbo and Saitek Pro Gamer interchangably (not an XBCD problem)

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First of all; This isn't an issue with XBCD. I admit that right now. I tried with the execrable Microsoft drivers just to rule it out, and the issue was identical right down to the festering bone marrow. However, this forum is perhaps one of the most likely places to secure a solution. Or at least a workaround.


So under normal circumstances, I have two controllers connected to my Windows 7 machine. A Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit, and a Horipad Ex2 Turbo. I've also got a USB 3-in-1 converter that lets me hook up a Saturn, Playstation X, or Dreamcast controller via USB that I just use for testing. The Hori is set as the preferred device in Control Panel's Game Controllers>Advanced menu in all cases. In games that let me specify a controller, there isn't a problem. But there's games which just use whichever controller they find first, and... well.


If the Hori is connected alone, no issue. If the Hori is connected along with the 3-in-1 box, no issue. If the Saitek is connected, however, then the "preferred device" setting is ignored, and the Saitek is used regardless, with the Hori being pretty much ignored. It should perhaps be stated that when I was using a bog-standard, common-or-garden basic Microsoft wired Xbox 360 controller, the problem wasn't there at all - even with the Saitek connected, I could use the 360 controller as my preferred device. The drivers are identical in both cases - XBCD 0.2.7 for both the Hori and the vanilla. Abandoning the Hori for the vanilla, even temporarily, isn't an option at this point - the vanilla controller is broken now, and isn't even detected by the OS, or an actual Xbox for that matter, and I don't have any alternatives. (Well, there's the Gamecube-to-USB box, but because of the sliding triggers just being mapped as axes, that doesn't work too well)


So to close; Does anyone know of any solutions that would allow me to use my Hori controller and Saitek interchangably, in other words not disconnecting one of them when I want to use the other?

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this is apparently an issue with GUID and device states, windows keeps track of the order of devices installed, so it will often, and reproducibly in apps like x360ce, automatically assume the older device as the first.


I'm not too sure how to resolve it really, as most apps that use a joystick should assume the correct pad based on assignments in the apps settings, or based on the controller selecting screen many games have.

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