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Hi all,


I found a thread that is supposed to answer my question, but it contained a patch that I don't know how to apply: http://vba-m.com/forum/Thread-fixed-gba-colour-palette-possible-incorrect


My issue is with Pokemon Emerald. I own the game, but my GBA isn't working well. I have been playing it on no$gba, but after I lost about an hour's worth of play time despite saving often, I decided not to trust it anymore. All the other forums say Emerald is the one game no$gba can't handle. lol.


So I converted my save file for VBA-M, but the colors look over bright and gross. I realize the actual GBA's colors look like this due to the lack of a backlight, but the colors look almost neon. Trees look like puke green, not forest green. No$gba made the game look beautiful - way better looking than on the actual console. I might just be spoiled by that.


Anyway, I downloaded the patch from that thread, but now I don't know how to apply it. Can you help?

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