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This seems obvious to me, but perhaps it isn't to other people. Please consider generating a standard tarball for linux users to download, as many of us do not use debian-based distributions. It is a giant pain for me to download a .deb file, use deb2targz to convert it into a .tar.gz file, re-generate the meta-data (not an easy process, even for an "intermediate" linux user), and bundle it back up into a pacman package file (for arch linux). It would save a lot of us a giant collective headache. This is my only post, and I will likely not be back to check on it - words of wisdom for you to act on or not act on as you see fit. Best of luck!

- Cronanius


PS. Your registration process is rather onerous. Consider making it less so (I see no problem with not inputting a location for a user, especially considering you can record our IP addresses anyway. If somebody really wants to mess with your server - I assume that's the reason for these things - the process of registration will hardly stop them). Possibly consider adding a "suggestions box" where anybody can post without registration; you just record the the IP addresses of the posters and make them pass a captcha. For small projects like this, it can help improve communication.

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Not adding a location or a fake location WILL result in a ban as it is a common tactic used by spam registrations.


We don't directly provide linux builds (not in a long time anyway) so you'd have to take it up with those who are.


unless you meant source, which sourceforge provides GNU tarballs automatically for each rev.



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