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Visual Boy Advance-M

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon messed up graphics

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So I was playing this game today and I got to the place where you battle Death. Since I was playing on Magician mode I decided the easiest way to beat him/her/it would be to spam the Thunderbird summon over and over again until he/she/it died. To my surprise, as Death transformed into his/her/its second form, the graphics went all glitchy, with sprites being displaced, temporarily disappearing altogether, and in general looking like a jumbled mess (see lower right corner of the screenshot for an example of what I mean). The problems persisted even after I beat Death, until I reset the game.




Having beaten the game several times before, I am pretty sure this is not supposed to happen. It looks like it could be a glitch in the game but I did a quick Google search and it doesn't look like anyone has had similar problems with the game so I decided to post here as I believe it is a problem with the emulator.


To demonstrate the issue more clearly, I have attached a save state taken shortly after the battle. I am using VBA-M revision 1149.

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I'll have to agree. I've also experienced this problem; midway between the Death boss fight in Circle of the Moon the graphics will sometimes become corrupted.

I'll try to reproduce this on the latest VBA.

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