The continuing development of the legendary VBA gameboy advance emulator.

VisualBoyAdvance-M 2.1.7 released

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This is a maintenance release mostly to fix OpenGL for Wayland users on distributions where wxGTK was built without EGL.

aca206a - Launch on xwayland under Wayland if no EGL [rkitover]
93a24be - Disable mirroring for ROMs > 32MB [rkitover]
0f4ec57 - [Build] Fix the NO_LINK build [steelskin]
803ab35 - [GB] Save MBC7 EEPROM data to gbRam [steelskin]
24b6ac5 - [GBA] Implement missing Thumb instruction [steelskin]
14a4b6f - [dialogs] Move JoypadConfig to its own class. [steelskin]

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Regarding false sites

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We are currently aware that there is a website hosting our builds without our knowledge. It is crucial that you should not trust any other sites hosting VBA-M builds apart from the official website (this) and our GitHub-hosted project. We cannot determine what these unknown builds on other sites might be doing to the executables. Additionally, we have been made aware that some of these sites are also hosting ROMs. Let me be clear: we will never host ROMs, period. There is no room for discussion as hosting ROMs would jeopardize our project.